Bruce T Collis

Choosing things to do within his own physical limitations is helping Bruce define his artistic ability and he feels that the exhibitions that he has participated in have been an opportunity to showcase and improve on his best works.

Bruce finds working with art very therapeutic and combining mediums is exciting. Whether it is using his own photos or others garnered from various sources - he takes a scene, chops it up, then reassembles it into a creation of his own design.

Through Artsenta Bruce has found a new talent; once a fortnight he produces and hosts a regular hour long radio show on Otago Access Radio, 105.4FM  in Dunedin. The main focus is country music, but the sounds often cross over with musicians coming from a different style.

Trying new ideas such as repurposing old books into folded shapes is proving a nice idea for a future exhibition.

Bruce has grown in confidence when he believes for years there was none. Now Bruce is trying more within his range of ability, discovering that the, technically 5% use of his left arm is not as debilitating as he was originally led to believe.

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