Artsenta provides opportunities for people in the Mental Health Community to work in the Arts

Artsenta is an award-winning art studio for people who use mental health services and are interested in being creative. We provide a range of creative activities and our staff have a wide variety of experience. You can try one of our daily activities or we can talk to you about the kinds of art, music and craft activities you would like to explore.  

Please call us if you are unsure about eligibility. 

Artsenta, The First 30 Years

In October 2015 the Creative Arts Trust launched the book ‘Artsenta the first 30 years’. Written by author and board member Kath Beattie, the book charts the development of Artsenta, firstly as a ground breaking Creative Expression Unit within Cherry Farm Mental Hospital, and then as an innovative not-for-profit organisation in the community. This is essential reading for anyone interested in mental health and creative expression in New Zealand. The book is available from Artsenta for $25 or by contacting the author.

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