Impressions of People - Watercolour on Black Paper - 6th Sep 2021

Dee demonstrates how to use watercolour on black paper to create the impressions of people.

Galaxy Print Demonstration - 31st Aug 2021

Claire demonstrates how to create a galaxy print.

Card-making with Watercolour Scraps - 30th Aug 2021

Dee cuts up her watercolour paintings and weaves them into cards.

Watercolour Cloud Process - 27th Aug 2021

Erin talks about her watercolour cloud studies.

Erin demonstrates how to create effective watercolour clouds using a reduction technique.

Surrealist Drawing Activity - 26th Aug 2021

Zinzan demonstrates how to create a surrealist inspired drawing using frottage.

Abstract Triangles - 26th Aug 2021

Moewai makes an abstract painting using masking to create triangles of colour.

Watercolour Tree - 25th Aug 2021

Dee demonstrates using wet on wet to simply create a tree illustration with watercolour.

Abstract Painting Technique - 25th Aug 2021

Claire demonstrates a very effective abstract painting technique to try at home.

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