Hamish Cormack

I am a ceramic and visual artist. The materials I most like working with are clay, chalk pastel, charcoal, paint, print and glass. I enjoy clay for its maleability, the limitless nature of forms and also the unpredictability of the firing and glazes. I particularly like raku and pit firings.

My ceramic work has included a series of raku fired shells, and recently, skulls of various forms. Many of these featured in an exhibition called 'Metamorphosis' held in 2018 at the Otago Art Society, as well as at the annual Artsenta exhibition.

Some of my two-dimensional works are native bird portraits, primarily in chalk pastel. I like chalk pastels for their subtelty and shadow and light effects.

I have been coming to Artsenta for several years and appreciate the artists and art workers for helping me to discover a passion for making art that I had previously been unaware existed!

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