Lisette Spall

I am one of the artists at Artsenta. My passion is all things glass, and I have been doing glass mosaics for the past year now.
Being creative is such a good outlet in which to 'lose oneself' and be in the moment, allowing those creative juices to flow. I love the satisfying scritch when using the glass cutter (which resembles a pen) creating whatever springs to mind. When creating a seascape I use the 'grosing'  pliers which are used to 'nibble' away at the glass giving it a more 'flowing' effect to the seascape.
With my glasswork I also like to experiment with adding different materials in with the glass, such as old keys or little perfume miniature bottles on old window frames. I still wonder at how a piece of glass can end up as something else.
This is the satisfying part, to have freedom of expression which is encouraged by Artsenta tutors and fellow artists alike. My experience at Artsenta has been fantastic.

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