Kelly Snow

I predominantly work with gel pens, biro pens and lead pencils. I mostly like to engage in drawings, I also make jewelry and I am currently working on a mosaic piece.
I first started creating at Artsenta in 1998 for a couple of years, I had a break, and returned more recently.
I also returned to the Artsenta 2004 – 2005 for brief stints of time and I am really glad now to be attending again on a regular basis.
I really appreciate what Artsenta has to offer in terms of resources and inspiration e.g. inspiration from other artists and their work, books and other reading materials. I like the productivity of doing art and I also enjoy the satification of producing work to display to the public mostly to sell or display. I  like to keep some of my art too.
I work with gel pens, predominantly, because I like the bright colours and the contrast on paper. I enjoy making jewelry to keep but mostly to give away or sell. I enjoy the creative and happy feeling I get when I produce something especially if it sells or I give someone a piece as a present. I am really glad I am coming back to Artsenta to make the most of the facilities.
I hope to make some new friends at the venue and increase social opportunities as well as the work aspect of Artsenta.

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