Drawing the human form - 24th Aug 2021

Jamie demonstrates how to draw the human form in proportion. 


Bob Ross inspired painting - 20th Aug 2021

Moewai takes inspiration from The Joy of Painting and creates a painting with some happy little trees.


Collage Timelapse - 19th Aug 2021

Claire works at incredible speed to create a collage in lockdown.

Image Transfer Demo - 13th May 2020

Claire Demonstrates image transfer using a picture from a magazine, paint, and fabric.

Putiputi Tutorial - 11th May 2020

Kari demonstrates making a simple putiputi

Jaw Harp Demonstration - 8th May 2020

Jamie demonstrates the jaw harp, a simple, fun, and affordable instrument.

Multi-tracking Demonstration - 8th May 2020

Zinzan does a basic introduction to multi-tracking on Audacity. This is a great way to start writing music by yourself without buying professional equipment.

Watercolour Chickens - 7th May 2020

Dee sketches her chickens over a prepared watercolour background before painting them.

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