Pastel reduction drawing - 21st Apr 2020

In these videos Erin explains how to do a reduction drawing using chalk pastel. She starts with a piece of paper and covers it in red pastel. A solid block of red colour covers the whole page. She then uses a rubber to create the outline of the scissors. These are placed under the paper.

Here is Erin's post originally on the Artsenta Facebook page:

Hi guys, Erin here. I am just going to post a photo of some of the scissors from my scissor collection. After that I will post a couple of very quick videos on 2 reduction chalk pastel drawings I have made using the silver coloured dressmaking scissors. If you decide to have a go at this process make sure to put newspaper down on your table or floor first as when you rub away the chalk pastel the dust gets everywhere. You can wash your eraser clean with soap and warm water then rub of any left over colour on a scrap piece of paper. Have fun



3D Cards - 20th Apr 2020

In this video Kari shows how to make a three dimensional card, kind of like a pop-out book. 


Writing Haiku - 17th Apr 2020

Paul outlines how to write a haiku. See more tips below.

- use 3 lines
- use as few words as possible
- use present tense
- focus on nature and things you sense
- be specific
- avoid ryhmes, descriptive words, metaphor etc
- keep it simple

Here's some samples of Haiku from Artsenta's creative writing blog. Click on this link to see them:

Here's a video with more information on haiku writing.


Nature sculptures & Collages - 17th Apr 2020

Dee introduces us to sculptures made from leaves and other natural materials. 

Here's some examples that Dee put together.

Here's a link to some of Andy Goldsworthy's work which inspired this activity.

A slightly different take on this, is to create collages using leaves. Dee explores this by using some figures cut out of junk mail as a template, then combining the image with other leaves. Check out the images attached and then give it a go.

Sgraffiti - Scratching into crayon - 16th Apr 2020

Sgraffiti or Sgraffito is a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting colour. In this video Dee takes us through a tutorial of using this technique to make a picture using crayons, paper and a toothpick!


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